Workshop: Writing With Spirit

Welcome to Writing With Spirit! To let it flow, not knowing what’s coming next, we just let ourselves write for 40 minutes, trusting the creativity that is within. This is a modification of the Amherst Method developed by Pat Schneider and is perfect for people just entering the writing life or for experienced writers needing to break out of a rut or block.

We start with a brief reading, followed by a 10-minute silent meditation, and then write from a prompt. The last 45 minutes involves reading our pieces (only if you choose to) and feedback which is NOT critique but rather hearing and reflecting without judgment upon what unique expressions may have come from each writer. The goal is to develop a trust in one’s own creativity and the group in order to perhaps discover the germ of a scene, poem, or story.

Host: Nancy Kilgore

Schedule: 3rd Monday

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