Workshop: Book Length Fiction

Welcome to the Book Length Fiction Workshop! This is a tight-knit group of serious writers, some with completed, some with partially written manuscripts. We read two 12.5K word sections every two weeks, discuss them in our online workshop, and email written feedback to the author afterwards. We write in many different genres (for example, character novels, scifi, historical fiction, fictionalized memoir, fantasy), and even if we don’t have much interest or background in someone’s genre, we focus on what works or doesn’t work in the writing. We all learn from each other because of the insights about writing we share in our discussions.

Although this is not a teaching workshop, topics we’ve covered have included opening hooks; plot structure; inciting incident; POV; balance of action, narrative, and dialogue; how to weave in backstory; editing out odd verb tenses and filler words; character differentiation and appeal; avoiding ex machina shortcuts; transitions; and pacing. By improving our ability to read deeply and provide intelligent feedback, we notice elements of our own writing that perhaps we were blind to.

Host: Dick Matheson

Schedule: 2nd and 4th Wednesday – currently full and not accepting new members at the moment

BWW is a volunteer run organization. If you are not a member and would like to attend one of these free classes, membership is free and easy!