Workshop: Novelists’ Workshop

Welcome to the Novelists’ Workshop!

Members of the Novelists’ Workshop are serious writers, writing in all genres and sharing their work for feedback, insights, encouragement and accountability. To join this workshop, a writer must have a draft work-in-progress of at least 10,000 words. On joining, you will be asked to submit a 500-word excerpt of your opening scene, and then will be fit into the schedule for regular long submissions of 12,000 words as your work continues. The schedule is flexible and designed to accommodate everybody’s muse, but that first long submission will come up quickly. After we have seen your opener, we will be anxious to see more!

Host: Kathy Bachus

Schedule: 2nd and 4th Wednesday

BWW is a volunteer run organization. If you are not a member and would like to attend one of these free classes, membership is free and easy!