Content Advisory

All works in BWW are intended for an adult audience, and may contain language, characters, themes, and content that is offensive or triggering to some readers. If your piece has content that may be upsetting to others, please put the words “Content Advisory” at the top of the piece and the reasons why. For example: “Content Advisory: Graphic violence, depression, & PTSD”

Please note, this is simply a courtesy to all BWW members, so that they can choose whether or not to be exposed to given material, and when. We completely understand no one can catch every possible issue. However, we do ask that you make a good faith effort for the benefit of all members. Better too much info than not enough. This policy is in no way censoring what is written, it is merely a consideration to others.

If you’re unfamiliar with this topic, please visit this website for some examples of things that might come up. In general: if you’re writing about something that would be harmful physically, mentally, and/or emotionally to others in real life (such as graphic violence), list it as a content advisory.