Recording Policy

It’s been BWW unwritten policy that we don’t record regular workshops because they tend to inhabit people’s participation. Recently someone asked to record one, and participants asked for LT to make an official policy.

We want to be members to feel comfortable, but we also want to support those who might need extra support. ADA says we need to make reasonable options available without reducing the quality of our workshops. 

From the code of conduct – Each host will set workshop guidelines, but unless otherwise stated by the host, participants are expected to provide verbal feedback in the workshop and signed, written feedback in addition. If you miss a workshop, make sure to email the writer your feedback promptly; in all cases, work should be promptly returned to the writer.

Motion – It is generally expected that participants in our regular workshops will give written feedback to the writer. Our regular workshops are not recorded, either in video or transcript, without prior consent of those attending the workshop. If participants do not wish to have the session recorded, they should offer their verbal notes in writing to the writer. If the participants of a workshop agree to recording, the recording will only be shared with those in the workshop with the understanding that it is not to be shared with those outside of the particular meeting.