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Picture Perfect Poems by James Wyman

Congratulations Jim! We are all excited for you!

Jim is a contributing member and has been in the BWW Poetry Feedback group since 2018.

Jim is the last full-time resident on a one-lane, dirt,
dead-end road at the tip of a long peninsula in the middle of a very large
lake in northern Vermont. He was born and raised in the foothills of the
Longfellow Range of the Appalachian Mountains in western Maine.
Never having lived more than 50 miles away from 45 degrees north
latitude, he has grown to appreciate the texture of the woods, fields, and hills
of Northern New England, and the myriad of colors—ranging from the cold
black and white of winter to the light-filled prism of a hardwood forest in fall.
In an effort to capture and share his mind’s eye view of this beauty, Jim
studied film photography and quickly realized he was allergic to darkroom
chemicals. Then came digital photography. As a published poet, Jim admired
the work of Ann Atwood and her gift for combining poetry with
photography. It was then he began to experiment with the possibility of
blending his poetry with his photography using digital photographic
applications and techniques. His intention was to meld the visual impact
of New England landscape photography with the mind’s eye view—the poem.
This book is the result of his efforts.

You can buy his book here.