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Cold Lake Anthology Submissions Open for 2024

Submissions are closed! If you have submitted a piece, CLA editors will be in touch sometime by mid-March. Everyone else, watch for the CLA book launch where you can get your own hard copy of the 2024 edition!

You’ve heard it whispered in among the leaves and in the back corridors? Is it true? Is it time?

YES! The time has come! Submissions are now open for BWW’s annual Cold Lake Anthology!

Each year, CLA accepts submissions of BWW members’ fiction, non-fiction, and poetry to publish in a real-life, made from paper, hold-it-in-your-hands-and-smell-the-new-book-aroma book! The book comes out in summer 2024, when we will have the literary event of the year to celebrate our authors and hear them read selections of their work.

Remember only BWW members can submit. Don’t wait, send your piece in today!

Submission Guidelines:

  • Members may submit one piece of fiction or non-fiction, or up to five poems
  • 5,000 word limit
  • Submissions are due January 31, 2024
  • CLA reserves the right to close submissions early if the submission cap is reached

Ready to submit your piece?

4 thoughts on “Cold Lake Anthology Submissions Open for 2024

  • link is not working

    • Thank you for letting us know. Got the link fixed.

    • You can submit one story (either fiction or CNF) that’s up to 5,000 words or you can submit 5 poems.

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