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A NEW Microbial Mystery by Millicent Eidson

In Aug. 2023, Maya Maguire Media released book 3, “Corona: A Microbial Mystery.”

In New Mexico, veterinarian Maya Maguire approaches the end of her training as one of CDC’s elite epidemic shock troops. Despite unfinished business with a toxic colleague, her work and personal life fall into place. Until COVID, and its impact on loved ones. After investigating the first human case in Arizona, her focus shifts to coronavirus in animals. As a Chinese American adoptee, her origin story comes full circle like an ouroboros—a dragon eating its tail.

BWW Secretary and workshop host Millicent Eidson is the author of medical thrillers with a twist—the criminals are invisible disease organisms from animals and the detective is a veterinarian. Buy Millie’s books here or at your favorite bookstore.