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Jon Fenner, Communications Team Lead, takes the stage.

Tickets go on sale, Wednesday, September 13th.

Jon, who’s usually behind the scenes, will perform with the Middlebury Community Players in:

The world premiere of Ryan Mangan’s Second Sight  The play recreates the thrill and mystery of encounters with the restless spirits first invoked by brothers, William and Horatio Eddy, the Chittenden Vermont spiritualists, who mesmerized the world with their séances in the 1870s and 1880s.

They’re coming… They’re coming…

Hundreds of rational, intelligent observers swore they saw and touched dozens of manifested spirits.

They’re coming… They’re coming…

Are the Eddy brothers Vermont’s greatest fraud or its greatest miracle? YOU decide.

The cast includes Michael Eaton, Evan Breault, Jillian Torres, Ethan DeWitt, Ryan Mangan, Piper Harrell, Stephen Kelly, Mary Morris, Tomas McElhaney, Leila McVeigh, Meghan Kennedy, Beth Diamond, and Jon Fenner. Kim Moyer directs.

Tickets go on sale September 13th for $18 – get them early to reserve the best seats in the house down front – they’ll go fast!

The restless spirits arrive

October 19th – 21st at 8:00 pm, and October 22nd at 2:00 pm at Town Hall Theater in Middlebury.

For further information about the play, and to see a video clip of a workshop production of the show, visit Ryan Mangan’s website.


Photo courtesy of Ryan Mangan.