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Student Anti-Racist Network in Vermont (VSARN) Launches Arts Contest

VSARN, a statewide student-led group, launches an arts contest to help change mindsets and policies around homelessness, transitional sheltering, poverty, and affordable housing in Vermont, and to engage people of all ages in this timely and urgent topic. 

VSARN would love for BWW writers to submit to our arts contest using our online submission form, with a few guidelines – but it’s pretty open! Our prompts center around the consequences of homelessness for those undergoing it — and for the towns they live in.  They also highlight the resilience of people experiencing it, whether as unhoused Vermonters, service providers, or the public.  

We’d love to have community members (of any age) participate. We hope to get submissions published in the VTDigger monthly and have an in-person exhibition in the winter.

Interested in embarking  on this project with us in any capacity?  If so, please share this announcement with the writers in your organization and the artists (in all genres) in your community.

Here is the submission link, with some information about the Housing for All:  Art Submissions project.

(if you can’t submit via form, email*

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Let VSARN know what you think!  We will be happy to provide more details as desired.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Kroll, Writer

Supporter of VSARN and the Vermont Housing for All:  Art Submissions project