Cold Lake Anthology


In honor of Cold Lake Anthology publishing its 2023 edition, we’re having a book sale! Editions from 2013-2021* and Mud Season Review #2 and #3 are on sale for $1. through July 31st.

(*Some of these were called Best of Burlington Writers Workshop, then the name changed.)

As for the 2022 edition…you know when you have that box in the corner that’s Aunt Gretchen’s china. You tell everyone it’s Aunt Gretchen’s china. Then one day you open it and find out it’s not Aunt Gretchen’s china. Well, that didn’t happen. But we did find a small stash of the 2022 edition. So those are half price at $6.

And of course, you can still get a copy of 2023, for $12.

(Please note: prices of the books, plus s/h.)

Some of these editions are very limited and once they are, they are gone! So, buy copies for birthday presents, holiday presents, and just send one to that annoying relative. Don’t forget to get some for yourself to complete your own collection.

Don’t miss out, get your copies today!