Pre-Order CLA 2023

We are taking pre-orders for the new CLA 2023 edition. That’s right Cold Lake Anthology is back and at the printers!

BWW’s yearly publication
 of member poetry, fiction, and nonfiction is ready for pre-order! This year’s edition features wonderful pieces from BWW members across the globe. And there’s nothing like holding a freshly printed book in your hands, flipping through the crisp white pages, and inhaling the aroma of ink and glue. Especially when you skim the table of contents and think, “Hey, I know them!”

Visit this link to order your copy today.

It’s not too early to think about what you might submit for next year’s edition. Maybe you have the spark of a new idea, or an old workshop piece you set aside for a while. Summer is a great time to write and workshop with BWW. When CLA submissions open in the fall, you’ll be ready!