Writing from the Place You Dream

Writing from the Place You Dream

We are accustomed to getting an “idea” to write about. We might also write from the heart. But there is another way to write, that we often overlook. Writing from the place where we dream. This is the world of the unconscious. To access this world is to be in touch with the sensual, the mysterious and the creative. The writer Elizabeth Gilbert refers to it as her “muse”.

For some the world of the unconscious is frightening. But as a retired therapist, I know it as a world rich with meaning and symbolism. If you are person that does not remember your dreams you might find it fascinating to gain access to the world of creativity hidden within the dream world.

During these sessions we will remember recent or important dreams and use that as writing prompt. We will also experiment with “re-dreaming” the dream, going back into the dream world and re-experiencing a recent dream in a conscious way. Like Alice in Wonderland jump into the rabbit hole with us and see what happens.

First Sundays of the month. To sign up for April’s workshop, click here.