BWW Needs Your Help!

Is it important to you to be able to attend a BWW online workshop or Master Class?

For 90+% of our members the answer is a dramatic, “YES!” Zoom is what lets our members attend from all over the US and the world. Even many members in Burlington, Vermont (our home base) prefer to avoid travel, parking, weather, and attend with one click on a Zoom link.

Have you noticed the growing number and variety of workshops and Master Classes BWW has been offering recently? Take a look: https://bwwvt.org/workshops/

Please help us provide Zoom licenses for as many of these workshops and Master Classes as possible. Ten annual licenses cost about $2000 (though we’re trying for a nonprofit discount), and we may need to add more with the new workshops we’re planning.

We haven’t asked members for help in about two years, but if you support our Zoom events, please click here to donate now.

Thanks so much and for being part of our wonderful writing community!

Janet Mckeehan-Medina
Katherine Lazarus
BWW Board Co-Chairs