What is the Writing Embodied Workshop?

What do you feel when you write?

Have you paused to experience the sensations of writing?  The familiarity of a pen in the hand, or the gentle pressure of wrists resting against a laptop?  What signals are these physical experiences sending to the brain and how are you being guided in each breath as you follow well-worn neural pathways?  What is the feeling in the emotional body?  Is there joy, love, pain, or fear?  Does your energetic body have something to tell you about the experience of writing?  Do you begin in a deep state of calm or a frenetic state of anxious energy, is there excitement vibrating through body and mind?  Are these states static or do they shift, and what does that tell you about your process?

Is there another way?

When you begin to write, are you tuned in to these many ways that your being is experiencing the moment?  Writing Embodied is a process of attuning to more than the cognitive mind, to acknowledging and inviting the stories of our other ways of being.  By creating the conditions to bring the whole self into alignment, there is the capacity to tap a much deeper, fuller well for experience, understanding, expression, and creation.  

I invite you to try something new!  

You will not only move your body, you will become embodied.  You will learn to paint with the breath as you would with words and in union you will intentionally engage in regulating the nervous system to begin your writing journey from a profoundly new place.  What will this do for your writing?  Only experience and the ability to be open, curious, and honest will tell.  Come to Writing Embodied and find out!