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Welcome New Contributing Members

On Oct 1, 2022, BWW announced it’s new level of membership: Contributing Members (CM). It’s because of our CM’s that BWW is thriving and growing. These are people who volunteer 3+ hours a month, donate $72+ a year, or a do combination of both. A huge welcome to our new CM’s.

Edith Ainsley
Kathleen Bachus
Sanchita Banerjee
Catherine Bardi
Paul Beaulieu
Jeff Bernstein
Partridge Boswell
Dennis Bouldin
Patrick Brownson
Anna Carey
Mary Chaffee
Rose Eggert
Millie Eidson
Elisabeth Horan
Diane Fenner
Jon Fenner
Samantha Fenner
Ken Fifer
Deborah Garcia
Vicki Gold

Eva Gumprecht
Ashley Hajimirsadeghi
Marc Harmon
Julie Hay
Olga Hebert
Cassandra Israel
Nancy Kilgore
Laura King
Karen Kish
Kerstin Lange
Steve Lausier
Katherine Lazarus
Liz Leroux
Sharon Lopez-Mooney
Mike Magluilo
Grier Martin
Ann Mason
Dick Matheson
Alice McCormick
Janet Mckeehan-Medina

Margo Mertz
Riki Moss
Jane Nevins
Rebecca Obern
Sunayna “Sunny” Pal
Renia Pennington
Elaine Pentaleri
Amy Place
Hannah Powell
Charlie Sequoia
Michael Sevy
LVM Shelton
Michael Sitton
Alicia Tebeau-Sherry
Tricia Knoll
Peter Voelkl
Nancy Volkers
Candelin Wahl
Jim Wyman
4 anonymous contributors

Interested in joining the ranks of CM’s? Upgrade your plan or Contact Us about volunteer opportunities! If you think you should qualify for CM status, but you name is not on the above list, please let us know.