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Contributing Members

For awhile now, the Leadership Team has been putting a new level of membership into place and we are ready to announce it.

Participating Members (PM) are members that come and enjoy our 16 free workshops and other events. Other benefits: Being listed on the soon to arrive author page, and having non-BWW events listed on the new What’s Happen page

Contributing Members (CM) are people who volunteer 3+ hours a month, donate $72+ a year, or a combination of both. Benefits include all the above and having their book announced to membership, having non-BWW events that they are involved in list in the newsletters, and websites and on the new What’s Happening page, discounts on Master Classes (50% off until the end of the year), having access to recordings of Master Classes, Host Series classes, and other record events six months after the event, access to the soon to arrive favorite member links page. And that’s just the start, we have more to come.

Interested in joining the ranks of CM’s? Upgrade your plan or Contact Us about volunteer opportunities!

For those who already qualify as a CM, please check your email. Notifications went out Fri. Remember to check all email addresses that you might have shared with us as well as you spam folder. If you think you should have received a notification and did not, please let us know.