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A story of people and ideas that changed the world…

In the year 2034, the reader is a “fly on the wall” as the story of the 21st century’s most influential figure is told by one of the primary eyewitnesses.

Back in 2022, with the future of the Western Democratic model in jeopardy and the human race facing an increasing number of existential threats, a politician from a small town in Vermont (USA) set a selfless example which galvanized the energy and ideas that began to turn the tide. The work of the protagonist was leveraged by “The Seven,” his inner circle of experts from diverse backgrounds that formed a vast network of like-minded enablers and started a game-changing political movement.

Equal parts captivating narrative and blueprint for a better tomorrow, “Bulletin Boarders” is a rewarding journey that will inspire hope for the future.

Dan workshopped his book in Dick’s Book Length Fiction Workshop. You can hear the first installment on his webpage.