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Songwriter’s Challenges

Perhaps the two greatest challenges facing a songwriter, or indeed any writer, is a) where to begin and b) presenting what you’ve written to people, especially when it is in an unfinished or tentative state and you’d like some feedback on where to take it.  The BWW Songwriters Group can help a songwriter with both problems.

“Where to begin?” can be an overwhelming question, but a prompt can help. So every month’s meeting (second Thursday of the month) has a theme. Past themes have included books, colors, and making a new thing out of an old thing. You don’t have to write to the prompt, but it’s there to give you a starting point if you need it. It’s also interesting to see what different participants come up with each month in response to the prompt- everyone has a slightly different take on it, of course. At the end of each meeting we decide on the theme for the next month’s meeting.

Perhaps most importantly, the songwriting group provides a supportive environment for those wanting to share their work and get feedback. You can either play your song live (on Zoom) or have a recording or video played. You can also, if you only have lyrics, recite those. We’ve had people do that, and we’ve also had people sing to backing tracks or even a cappella!

BWW Songwriters Group meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm.