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Free Workshop Survey Results

BWW is growing. And with growth comes change. While the Leadership Team is figuring out which changes to make, we’ve been asking all of you questions. The results from the latest survey – What new workshops should be start? – are in, and we want to share them with you, so you can see what we are basing new changes on.

Poetry – Please know that our Poetry workshop runs the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

8 Revising poetry
6 Focus of getting your poetry/chapbook published
5 Poetry with a view to self-care
5 Reading and discussion of poetry collections
4 Studying the different forms of poetry

Fiction – Please know that our current Fiction workshop is full.

11 A second fiction critique group
10 Short story
8 Micro-fiction

Non-Fiction – Please know that our Creative Nonfiction workshop is currently open to new members on some Wednesdays and Thursday.

12 Memoir writing with prompts
6 The craft of using a situation to explore self
7 Research based nonfiction

Genre based workshop – please note that our current Romance workshop is full. Our Songwriting workshop meets the 2nd Thursday of the month.

7 Art and poetry/writing
6 Fantasy
5 Mystery
5 Science Fiction
5 Historical Fiction
4 Horror
3 Action/adventure
3 Open Genre
3 Play/screenwriting
2 Romance – group #2
2 Musicals 
1 Graphic novels
1 Western

Children’s Books -

5 Young Adult
4 Novels
2 Picture books

Creative Writing –

13 Avoiding Basic, Mid-level, and Advanced Writing Mistakes – shortcuts to writing excellence.
12 Structure of novels
12 How to be a better editor for yourself and others
10 Show not tell
9 Structure of short fiction
8 Dialogue
7 Plot/scene
7 Exercises to practice skills, experiment
7 Revision of a complete manuscript
4 Beginner writer/returning writer

Business side of writing -

11 Publishing
9 Writing book proposals and summaries
8 Website
7 Agents
7 Platform building strategies – social media and other
7 Time management for writers
6 Marketing and Book Promo
6 Finishing Touches – final stage of prep to publish.

Other ideas- Please note that our two prompt writing classes meet the 1st and 3rd Mon (Writing with Spirit) and Fri (Writingscapes).

8 Generative writing workshops
7 Writing Group – meets up weekly to write on their own pieces.
7 Rejuvenating Wild Writing – writing honestly and truthfully where you are at that moment.
5 Another mentored text – similar to Read like a Writer and the Lit Group.

We also had a few writing suggestions on collaboration, post modern genres, suggestions for specific books for mentored texts, etc., that we are looking at as well.