Let’s Get Your Book Published

Publishing@BWW is now accepting finished manuscripts written by a BWW author to be considered for publication. We are also accepting queries for manuscripts not yet complete. We will have a blind selection process and ask your attention to these details.

  • Submissions can be of any genre.
  • Title the email with your submission only “Manuscript.”
  • Name the manuscript only “Manuscript” and do not include an author’s name or identification such as address.
  • Attach three documents named Manuscript, Synopsis, Author’s_Letter.
  • A Synopsis of your submission should be around 500 words. Title it only Synopsis, and have no author’s name.
  • The Author’s_Letter is the only document to contain the author’s name, book name, email address, comments, and the first line of your manuscript.
  • Title an email without a submission “Query.”
  • Include an anticipated completion date. Do not send a synopsis, manuscript detail, or titles in the query email.

You make no commitment to publish with us by sending a submission. We make no commitment to publish by receiving your submission. We will discuss terms prior to offering an agreement for signature if all parties agree to proceed.

We look forward to hearing from you!