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The Results Are In!!!

We asked our members some hard questions, and here is what they thought. Using these answers, and probably some more questions and answers, the Leadership Team is planning the future.

How would you like to see workshops and events run?

62 said hybrid of some variation

31 said stay online forever

6 said more to in person immediately (3 of which said they were fine with hybrid as long as they were in person)

6 said they wanted to go back to in person, but feel it’s not safe yet (3 of those also indicated they were fine with hybrid as long as they were in person).

Would you like to let each workshop decide for itself if it is online or in person?

84 said yes

20 said no.

For online events, which do you prefer?

64 want zoom (one say they became a sustaining member so we could have zoom – so why don’t we)

34 said no preference

3 asked for Google Meet

Reason given for hybrid:

Location the biggest

Weather and Moose showed up more than once

Health and/or Covid (we have a few housebound people who love us)

Gas prices

Diversity – online we are able to get more diverse voices, than just Burlington.

What people want and extra bits:

Most want a true hybrid system, with each event having online people and in person people. Instead of one meeting of the workshop in person, and the next meeting online.

Suggestions for socially meeting in person, but work (writing, critiquing, etc) online.

Some suggested having 2 of each workshop – so one online Romance, and one in person Romance.

Have retreats in person, but workshops and master classes online.

Some people admitted they haven’t invested in BWW, because they are sure you’re going to tell them we are Burlington based only. One said they felt like an unwanted step-child. Lots of comments about concerns of BWW being canceled for them because they don’t live in Burlington or do and have health issues.

Lots of really nice comments about our workshops. Many people wrote how we’ve been a lifeline through COVID.

Some are concerned that programming is static and people are getting bored and dropping out.

Comments that we are top heavy in Burlington in person activities. Can we have groups meeting elsewhere? How to find people in BWW who live elsewhere.

Several comments showing that people are out of touch with what is going on in BWW, challenges, events, workshops, everything. We need to get better about transparency.

Between this and the survey taken after the BCA Master Classes it’s very clear people want generative writing and feedback from other attendees and presenter, AND people don’t want generative writing. We have several requests for both.

We also received many suggestions on workshops and master classes that you would like to see. We will be discussing that with you soon.