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Call for submissions to the new Poetry Path

The BWW Poetry Path will be bursting into bloom soon — and your couplet or haiku could be one of the featured poems! Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the Burlington Parks and Recreation Department, 12-15 graphically designed poetry panels will be soon installed at intervals high among the trees lining a trail in the Arms Forest- Rock Point nature area. Our goal is to show how life-changing even a fragment of poetry can be. The idea: to delight the viewers – while inviting them to explore what BWW has to offer writers in every genre.


• Poetry themes should be related to nature, appropriate for wooded setting.

•180 characters maximum (i.e. the total of letters, spaces and punctuation).  85 characters is ideal. “Brevity is the soul of wit.”  (i.e. shorter is better!) Note: these are guidelines only. Line placement on the panel is also a factor – poems must be easily legible to walkers below.

• All poems selected will be subject to the approval of the Burlington Parks and Recreation Department

•   …and if you’re thinking of submitting “I think that I shall never see/A poem lovely as a tree,” forget it – that one is already taken : )

Deadline for submission: April 30.  Send submission to:   — subject line: POETRY PATH SUBMISSION