BWW’s Human Pyramid!

Is that you at the top? Most of us don’t look at the picture and think, What’s it like for that guy in the middle of the third tier?

And most of us who begin in BWW going to free workshops have little or no concept of the magnificent structure of volunteers creating this magic. We focus on participating in this wonderful little community we’ve discovered where we’ll gain all kinds of valuable insights about our writing and
our minds.

Participating BWW Members often reach a point of appreciation and awareness of all the shared tasks and overhead expenses that keep BWW going and growing. Many Participating Members eventually become Contributing Members, either by volunteering to help out and share their talents and experience and/or by contributing financially.

Yet we always seem to have unfilled openings, and sometimes those contributing behind the scenes feel unappreciated by all you Participating Members who aren’t even aware of what they do.

Thank Yous and Incentives

We’re now finding ways to say little Thank Yous to Contributing Members for their service and donations. For example, we sent out a $5 savings to a Master Class. We’ve developed a Contributing Members only part of the website, and we’ll be offering access to free writing articles and classes that may help mid-level writers advance toward publishing.

To recognize Contributing Members, we’re planning to list their names on the website (unless they request anonymity).

We hope that these little thank yous spark a question in the minds of some Participating Members: “Hey, I have experience in X area. I wonder if I could be of help?” Or, “I don’t know what BWW needs, but I could offer a few hours a month.”

How Do I Become a Contributing Member?

The primary reason to volunteer is to show your appreciation for all that BWW offers. Not every volunteer is recognized as a Contributing Member, but every volunteer can become one with a certain amount of service and value provided. For example, all the workshop hosts and ongoing Board and Leadership Team members, who often also serve in some additional role, are Contribs.

Someone who provides significant value to one of our Work Teams only a few hours a month will probably qualify. If you think you already deserve to be recognized, email volunteer@burlingtonwritersworkshop.com, and at the end of each quarter, we’ll review who’s eligible.

If you don’t have much time, an automatic contribution of at least $6/month or comparable quarterly or annual donations will also qualify you over time.

We’re still developing all of the thank yous we want to include in this program, and some of the guidelines may evolve with them. If you want to contribute, we welcome and appreciate your commitment. Thank you!