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Joy Cohen’s Debut Novel 37

In case you missed it, Joy Cohen’s debut novel 37 was recently published by Guernica World Editions.

37 is a genre-blending novel that combines a contemporary self-discovery travelogue with literary fiction, historical fiction, short stories, and elements of magical realism. Think: “Cloud Atlas meets Eat, Pray, Love!” 

Ms. Cohen has also authored three published works of non-fiction, and many theatrical scripts, video scripts, teleplays, and screenplays. She has enjoyed a varied career as an award-winning writer, artist, and educator, teaching kindergarten through graduate level courses. Her primary focus has been on the arts, wellness, the environment, and social justice. In addition to writing, and she is a certified Yoga Instructor.

Learn more at: Watch the book trailer:

Also available through independent bookstores.

Peace Love Joy