January with George, an update

As recounted in my post ‘Dennis Bouldin Spends January with George‘, about a year ago I spent  rewarding hours pondering the newly published A Swim in a Pond in the Rain by noted author – and even more important for me, noted writer’s mentor – George Saunders.  Thus I was pleased to happen across a recent interview in the Guardian* with my old friend that prompted me to find out what he’s been up to lately.

Like any writer worth their salt Saunders has a website. {I mean, even I have a website.} So I won’t attempt to bring all of his activities up to date here beyond the following…

On what I would call the meta-website Substack (new for me… “the home for great writing“, “the place for independent writing”), George has a twice a week newsletter subscription service, Story Club.  I’ve just started accessing Story Club, so I will save comments for a future post.  If any of you reading this have experience with Substack or Story Club, please share with us.  Just share by entering your comments below.

*This particular article focuses on advice for new writers, or, shall I say, writers with fresh aspirations.  There is another excellent interview with Saunders from 2017 in the Guardian archives, “What Writers Really Do When They Write” I hadn’t come across before, that among other things describes George’s transition of being a short story specialist to creating the award winning novel Lincoln in the Bardo.

Dennis B.  1/15/22+