If you’re a writer, you already know how win-the-lottery difficult it is to find an agent, let alone a publisher. But what if you had special inside access to a publisher uniquely interested in publishing your book?

That’s the dream we want to make a reality, but it won’t happen unless you show you want it. We’re tantalizingly close. In 2021 at minimal cost, BWW’s Cold Lake Publishing printed its first book, Cold Lake Anthology, devoted exclusively to BWW authors and poets. CLP is now preparing the 2022 CLA. 

Nancy Volkers, published author, and Elaine Pentaleri, poet, (two of our panelists at the link above) aided by two interns figured out all the steps necessary to pull this off, and CLA already shows a net profit for BWW on their groundbreaking work.

Millie Eidson (also on this panel) did the same work independently to publish her own book, Anthracis: A Microbial Mystery, in 2021. Dick Matheson has a vision of what Cold Lake Publishing could be.

Our fifth panelist, Bill Schubart, author, founder and chairman of many Vermont institutions, perceptive humanist, and Vermont treasure, offers extensive experience and insights about the publishing process. He will be presenting a Master Class March 5 on writing and publishing.

In feedback workshops we help each other become better writers. If we form a CLP workshop of BWW writers willing to help publish books, Nancy Volkers says the steps would not be difficult to learn or complete.

Vote with your feet by Zooming to this discussion. Four of the panelists are on BWW’s Board and Leadership Team. Send them the message that we BWW writers WANT an in-house publisher of our own. Quite possibly, one of you at this meeting will be the first poet or author published by BWW’s Cold Lake Publishing arm . . . but only if you make it happen!