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Programming Team Introduction

The BWW programming has always provided free workshops to any writer, on any level to help advance their writing.  To this end, we provide free workshops in Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Scriptwriting, Songwriting, Long Book Fiction, Writing with Spirit, and ones in the towns of Montpelier and Middlebury… these are peer-to-peer Critique workshops following the original MFA model of placing the writer in a box as their peers provide feedback to their submitted stories. Over time, other programs evolved: we have a lit group reading “Big” books over several months, a twice monthly Read Like A Writer group analyzing short stories with prompts for their own work, a new WritingScapes prompt workshop, and a November NaNoWriMo Writing Meet. Ad hoc publishing panels pop up during the year. All these are free to members. Thanks to a grant from the Burlington City Arts Foundation, we were able to implement 11 Master classes in various genres for which we charge a small fee. This money is reserved for future master classes. Hosts are also eligible to write up new classes, or series, for fees split with BWW.

Before Covid, we were limited to 12 participants in a room, and now, thanks to Zoom, our attendance has stretched internationally. The future is uncertain. Some hosts are anxious to return to in person workshops, while others will want to stay on zoom so as not to lose out of the area participants.

And we’re always looking for more people to help out with any part of BWW. Be sure and volunteer today!