We Grieve Today…

We grieve today with Riki Moss whose husband, Robert Ostermeyer, died Monday. Riki is our dynamic, brilliant, ultra-creative member who leads the popular Read Like a Writer workshop every 2nd and 4th Monday. She has been a mover and shaker in BWW since its founding, working on all aspects of the group and perpetually coming up with new ideas.  

Riki, we are sad to hear the news. 

“As twilight makes a rainbow robe
From the concealed colors of day
In order for time to stay alive
Within the dark weight of night
May we lose no one we love
From the shelter of our hearts…
May we celebrate the gifts they brought,
Learn and grow from the pain,
And prosper into difference,
Wishing them the peace
Where spirit can summon
Beauty from wounded space.”

                        adapted from For Lost Friends by John O’Donohue