Writing Book Reviews for BWW Member Authors

Reviews are important feedback for potential book purchasers and influence a book’s ranking and visibility.

When you find one of our BWW author’s books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads it should also feature a collection of positive and authentic reviews. Writing reviews for other BWW members is a wonderful act of service, one that might also be returned in kind. Learning to write an effective book review is also an important creative skill in itself.

  • Practice the craft of writing book reviews with current BWW Author’s publications. If a book has been published for a while, reviews are not as critical as those that come out within the first few weeks of its publication. However, they are still important.
  • Assist your fellow writers when new books are about to launch. BWW Authors, please send us an announcement about your new book launch including a press release. We will post a feature story and alert BWW Members via our email newsletter. We will also feature your book(s) in our online bookstore.
  • Develop your reputation as a book reviewer by posting a respectable collection of authentic reviews in the most prominent 3 book sites (below). Then, you may request free review copies of most new publications. Terms vary. Contact the publisher or author directly. This is a commitment to complete a review and publish it in a timely manner.
  • Apply your writing skill when preparing the review. After the first draft, edit and polish. The review should reflect your best skills as a writer.

Here are some recommended articles to help you begin writing book reviews (There lots of others available on Google):

Once you’ve written it, here are links to the 3 most important places to post your book reviews:

Here are some numerous and extensive listings of additional Book Review sites:

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