Help us Thrive & Your Chance to Win!

I’ve workshopped this poem many times, but never have I received the level of detailed reading and feedback as I did from all of you!”

~Diana M., new member

…BWW is offering Crow Bookshop gift cards to two lucky donors this month. Share the love of our wonderful bookseller partner in downtown Burlington! For any donation to BWW received by Thursday, October 15, 2020, your name will be entered into a drawing. One winner gets a $50 gift card. Crow has generously donated a second card for $25. Good luck!

No matter where we call home, BWW writers share a passion to help each other improve our craft. At our best, we recognize what’s positive on the page, while pointing out intriguing possibilities for the work. Like many writers across time zones and borders since we went all-virtual in March, Diana joined us from California. As you can see, she reaped immediate benefits from a single workshop!

What Your Support Means to BWW

Whether you’ve known us long, or recently found us on Zoom, we‘re so grateful you’re part of Burlington Writers Workshop! If you’ve made a donation recently, thank you, thank you. We’re a non-profit founded by writers, led by writers, and funded almost entirely by ourselves. Our Leadership Team/Board of about ten volunteers manages the budget and day-to-day work of putting on twenty-five plus workshops every month. 0ur workshop hosts also volunteer their time. Because of them, our writing workshops are known for excellence and inclusivity.

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If you’ve ever gotten something of value from a BWW workshop or class but have never contributed financially, would you consider this today? Any amount, even $2 or $5, makes a difference — by check, or Bill Pay, or PayPal. It means so much to know that what we’re offering has value to you. For all who donate this fall, see the P.S. about special thank you gift cards from Crow Bookshop, one of our locally-owned bookselling partners.

Why We Love Sustaining Donors

For new or previous donors, please consider becoming a sustaining member . Signing up for monthly giving is easy, and $15/month is our suggested amount. Monthly donations help us budget for current expenses, and plan exciting new programs. Grant-makers and foundations want to see sustaining supporters when reviewing applications.

Help Us Engage our Communities

Although we’ve had to pause our in-person events and classes, we don’t stop planning new ways to engage our communities. Your donation and volunteer time are vital to BWW offering a wide range of programs for writers. With your help, we can:

  • Publish BWW authors and artists
  • Host public events and readings
  • Invite master teachers to lead workshops
  • Daylong writing retreats
  • Keep regular workshops free and accessible

Thanks and keep writing!

Warmest regards,

Nancy Kilgore & Elaine Pentaleri

Co-Chairs, Burlington Writers Workshop