New Romance Novel Writing Workshop on Zoom

Hungering for helpful feedback about your romance novel in progress?

If you are seeking constructive feedback on a romance novel in progress (at least 20 pages or 10K words), join us. You may submit an entire draft of a manuscript or just the set-up or lead-in. We’ll take turns submitting our work and critiquing each other’s to tackle rough spots like the sagging middle, POV shifting, character development, and plot problems.

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Join our orientation meeting, Thursday, August 20, from 6 – 8 PM on Zoom. Subsequent sessions will be held on alternate Thursday evenings. We’re interested in romance fiction of all types, including historical, rom-com, time travel, paranormal, Regency, horror, LGBTQ, Christian, and intriguing blends. We’ll focus on reading, critiquing and and learning techniques for tackling problems by working with our fellow authors.

A key goal will be to develop the ability to provide intelligent and valuable feedback to each other (and thus learn how to write more powerfully ourselves).

If this is your first time at this workshop, please email host Vicky Phillips at, for important info. (If you send a message via MeetUp, make sure you have chosen to accept messages sent to you.) All skill levels are welcome. Respect for each other is a must.

This session’s reading: Where the Fog Dragons Dance (Romance Novel Set-Up) by Vicky Phillips

New to the workshop? Here’s some guidance on How to Participate.
and on How to Give Good Feedback

About the workshop leader…

Daisy Pettles is the pen name of Vicky Phillips, author of the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency, her debut cozy mystery and humorous crime comedy series set in the fictitious small southern town of Knobby Waters, Indiana.

Vicky Phillips aka Daisy Pettles

Vicky Phillips was born in Bedford, Indiana, and raised in the tiny farming community of Medora, where her parents ran the corner gas station and ice cream stand. She learned to read while sitting on her grandmother’s lap, under an apple tree in Brownstown, Indiana. As a child, she was fed a steady diet of books, pies, and Bible stories.

After graduating from Medora High School in 1977, she attended DePauw University, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa. A world traveler, she has lived in San Francisco, London and Athens. She has raced camels in Egypt and eaten Kentucky Fried Chicken with Communists in Shanghai.

She was a therapist before becoming an Internet entrepreneur, designing America’s first online university counseling system in 1989. She currently lives in a cloud of peace and quiet at the end of a dirt road in Vermont. For all her travels, she remains a Hoosier at heart. She loves feel-good stories where Good stomps all over Evil.