Hone Your Craft with Other Vermont Artists

Vermont Artists Week supports creative community within our home state through an intensive week of studio work and fellowship with other Vermont-based artists and writers.

Vermont Studio Center logo

The session scheduled for April 27 to May 4, 2020 in Johnson is open for a remarkably economical all-inclusive fee of $200.

All Vermont Artists Week residencies include:

  • Private room

  • Private studio space

  • Visiting Artist and Writer lectures/readings

  • All meals

They also request 6 hours of service from each resident in support of the community. Community-service assignments range from kitchen help to gardening to library assistance, and will be arranged with you upon enrollment. 

Check the VSC webpages for more details. The application fee is $15 and is available online. Admission is competitive, limited to 50 artists, and is based on a review of portfolio or manuscript.

The application deadline is Jan. 15, 2020.