What Are They Putting in the BWW Sausage?

Yes writers, you may have spotted the sausage-making  analogy, but how does it apply to the Burlington Writers Workshop (BWW)?

sausage making

Perhaps this recent Q&A will help explain…

Q: Why use that supercilious term about our estimable organization?

A: Because, like legislation, you want the outcome but you don’t want to see how it’s accomplished.

Q: What outcome?

A: Free workshops for all kinds of creative writers, master classes, special programs such as the Holiday Book and Cookie Festival we’re putting on at the Library on Sunday, December 8 at the Fletcher.

Q: That’s all good. Is there some scandal about how we make that happen?

A: Yes. (Pssst! It’s called deficit spending. Don’t say who told you.)

Q: Wait. Are you talking about the Federal government or BWW?

A: Both.

Q: Wha– We’re printing money?

A: No. What I mean is that we’re spending more money than we’re taking in.

Q: BWW takes in money? How?

A: Almost all from donations you make.

Q: But, I don’t make any donations.

A: Why not? Don’t you appreciate BWW?

Q: Yes, of course. But, no one ever asked me.

A: We’re asking you right now. Please, become a sustaining member.

Q: And that means… what?

A: Set up a monthly payment to BWW through your bank, credit card, or PayPal.

Q: How much do we need?

A: Well, just the Studio space costs us over $10,000. a year. You could pay that.

Q: Yowza! All by myself?

A: Not exactly by yourself, but if all of the Qs who aren’t contributing could pitch in just $5 or $10 a month or whatever works for you–even $3 a month, it would help to end this deficit spending because there are so many of you.