BWW Authors & Musicians Help us Meet our Funding Goals

Burlington Writers Workshop (BWW) “Holiday Book & Cookie Fest” featured eleven of our published authors and two of our talented songwriters performing short readings and live music on Sunday, December 8, 2019 at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington.

Fletcher Free Library

It has taken us a year to rebuild our leadership team after the unexpected resignation of the former director and five board members in late 2018. Out of the ashes, a large number of members have worked hard to attend numerous meetings and invest their time in committees to bring forth a new participatory leadership model, with the BWW rising like a phoenix out of the ashes. We have elected a team of new and enthusiastic board members and leaders who meet monthly and encourage your attendance and participation.

The financial analysis is where we come up short… 

It will just take a little extra and concerted effort to insure our ability to continue providing free workshops to Vermont writers. Policy revisions now permit us to ask for suggested donations when we wish to host a master class with a special guest author or poet. Previously, these kind of events would incur an expense in honorarium and/or travel fees which were taken out of our budget. We are also working to increase the number and levels of our sustainable memberships. Your monthly contribution can be of any size, even just a few dollars each month will help to provide BWW with a sustainable base. Just check the box that says “Make this a monthly donation.”

Free is not exactly free. We need your support…

We also have a great collection of our own published anthologies available…

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By hosting a holiday event, we expected to sell BWW books and those of our published authors. We’ll had past print editions of The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop (2013-17) and Mud Season Review (2015-17) available and a variety of poetry and fiction written by many of our published authors. And the cookies… baked by our own members were available for sale by donation.

Here’s the “Holiday Book & Cookie Fest” lineup:

  • Nonfiction Cynthia Close
  • Poetry Elisabeth Blair
  • Fiction Kathrin Hutson
  • Poetry Ray Hudson
  • Fiction Nancy Kilgore
  • Poetry Maigualida Rak
  • Poetry Rebecca Starks
  • Nonfiction Spencer Smith
  • Fiction Riki Moss
  • Poetry Linda Quinlan
  • Nonfiction Elise Guyette
  • Music by Seth Cronin