Intriguing Renegade Publishing Company

Theater artist friends up from New York told me about a young, local, publishing company eager for books that may be rejected and neglected by conventional publishers, disobedient, beyond-genre, outlier books, and I thought one or two of us might fit right in.

In their own words, Whiskey Tit “….attempts to restore degradation and degeneracy to the literary arts. We are unwilling to sacrifice intellectual rigor, unrelenting playfulness, and visual beauty, often leading to texts that would otherwise be abandoned in a homogenized literary landscape. In a world gone mad, our refusal to make this sacrifice is an act of civil service and civil disobedience alike, and our work reflects this. We proudly publish books that are too long or too short, books in which the authors insist upon no back cover blurbs, books whose best genre descriptions might be ‘comedy of terror,’ memnoir, randy seafaring misadventure, or low-tech noir. We want to hear from you, honestly. If you have a wonderful book in need of a literary wet nurse, please contact us.

Send us your best, via our Submittable.

Whiskey Tit welcomes submissions of varying length and types, with the understanding that we are a very small team with a wayward focus. We prefer experimental, sui generis, impossible to categorize texts. While our current catalog comprises fiction and memoir, we have art books and poetry in the pipeline, and welcome submissions of any medium in line with our mission.

Please review our catalog and let us know if you think we’re a good fit.

We can not return submissions unless we arrange it with you beforehand.

Our window for submission is open year-round, though we spend January reading things that are not submissions.


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