A Trustworthy, Supportive Group

Walt Mahany, BWW board member
Walt Mahany, BWW board member

Like many, I was little intimidated by preconceptions of the process that takes place in a writing workshop. I was defensive and reluctant to participate in the discussions. When I eventually ratcheted up enough courage to submit my work, I was terrified. I envisioned an experience similar to dropping a piece of fresh meat into a pool of piranha. The visions were macabre. What would they do to my poor story, or to me for that matter? Such was the paralyzing nature of a fear, which is not all that uncommon among new writers.

What I discovered, however, was that I had become a part of a trustworthy, supportive group whose sole desires were to help improve the quality of my writing while at the same time honing their craft skills.

I didn’t think it could get any better than that, except that it does because it’s free.  To my way of thinking Burlington Writers Workshop is worth my time, energy, and contributions because of what they do to promote the development of writers.

I’ve made a contribution. Will you be a contributing member, too?

—Walt Mahany, BWW board member