Workshops Make the Difference

Rebecca Starks, Mud Season Review editor-in-chief, leads the BWW's 2015 Free Poetry Retreat
Rebecca Starks, Mud Season Review editor, leads the BWW’s 2015 Free Poetry Retreat

In the last year and a half, as I’ve put my energies into Mud Season Review, I’ve seen the difference between the work of those who have workshopped their writing and those still working in solitude. Without exception, when we accept a piece from an emerging writer, we learn that it’s already had a number of eyes on it. It makes the difference.The Burlington Writers Workshop provides much of what many writers pursue MFAs for: valuable feedback on one’s writing; a supportive creative community (that doesn’t end after a couple years); opportunities to publish, give readings, and learn from established authors; and the chance to work on a literary journal that connects with writers and artists around the world.

And the difference between an MFA and the BWW is that an MFA costs tens of thousands of dollars. I give to the BWW because I believe in making these opportunities available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay; and because I’m grateful to the members who give so much of their time and energy, as well as donations, toward making it succeed.

I hope you’ll consider donating, and that it inspires you to take full advantage of all the BWW offers.

Rebecca Starks, editor, Mud Season Review, and BWW board member