Free Your Verse

JD Fox, poet and guest blogger.

Hi, there. I’m JD Fox. And I’m a poet.

Now you try saying that, with your name instead of mine. Because you are. Even if you have never written what you consider a poem before.

You’re a poet, though maybe you justand yes, you bet your sweet literary muse I’m gonna say itdon’t know it.

Feel free to groan or roll your eyes at the line above. That’s a perfectly acceptable part of the creative process. Or chuckle. Or go, “huh?” Those are fine responses, too. Or, even better, stop reading and just go write…

Oh, you’re still reading?

Okay, then, let’s talk a little more about writing, which is what the Burlington Writers Workshop is all about and is what this blog will strive to be about: delving into both the elements of the craft and the writing life. That’s a much broader topic, of course, than just verse, but poetry is a good place to start in light of the month, which I’m sure you already know is National Poetry Month.

And if you didn’t, well now you do.

Montpelier, in particular, embraces this month of verse, becoming PoemCity with over 300 poems by Vermonters posted in various businesses and other venues throughout the city. April is chock full of readings to kindle appreciation of the form and workshops to release your inner poet.

Poetry is contagious. It has spread to PoemTown Randolph, PoemTown St Johnsbury, and PoemCampus Norwich, each with writer- and reader-friendly events of their own.

So consider walking around these towns participating and creating. You’ll likely find yourself infected with the writing bug, if you’re not already.

Then come back around and we’ll take it from there. It should be said upfront that there is no cure. But who would want it any other way?