Thanks For Your Support!

THANK YOU!Two words fit this moment perfectly: thank you!

During our December campaign, BWW members and supporters raised $3,692. This money will allow the BWW to fulfill its mission, which is to provide more learning opportunities to all Vermont writers. We’re starting 2015 on the right foot. Thank you for that!

We did not meet our overall fundraising goal of $5,000. As an organization, we don’t go into debt to pay for things in our budget, so it’s likely that we will cut back our spending plans. Later in January, the BWW’s Financial Advisory Committee will meet and look for areas to trim that won’t be too detrimental to the mission.

Overall, though, we didn’t fall short by much, so the trimming will be slight. There’s a good chance we can make up some ground in our mid-year campaign, too.

Like most nonprofits, we rely on the good will of the community we serve. Like public radio, we give the product away first and then ask for optional donations. In describing this campaign, one writer told me, “as soon as I made my donation I was inspired to begin writing again.  Maybe you should tell people that a donation will bring the muse.” My hope is that this campaign allowed you to think about what this community means to you, and brought you a few warm fuzzies, too.

So now that the December campaign is over, let’s get back to the meat and potatoes of the BWW: our workshops. A new year has begun and it’s time to write, get feedback, revise, get feedback, revise, and then, hopefully, publish.