Five Reasons You Should Submit To Mud Season Review

MSR-logo-rectangleThe Burlington Writers Workshop launched Mud Season Review a few weeks ago. It’s a literary journal run by BWW writers, featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. So far we’ve received a ton of submissions, which is great. We’re looking forward to receiving more before our first deadline, August 1st.

Here are a few reasons why you, intrepid writer, should submit to Mud Season Review.

1. Mud Season celebrates you. MSR will feature your fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art for a whole month. Plus you’ll also be interviewed about your work.

2. It’s an honor to publish in MSR. Given the quantity and quality of submissions we’ve received so far, it’s likely that we’ll have an acceptance rate of less than one percent. That means whatever we publish is going to be top-notch work.

3. If you need feedback, MSR can help. It’s run by members of a writing workshop, which means writers who need helpful feedback to receive it. For $12, an editor will provide you with a thoughtful response to your work. The editor will address what’s working well and what’s not working well and identify opportunities for growth and development.

4. It’s free to submit your work. So why not?

5. We’ll throw a party for you. On September 20th, we’ll launch our first digital issue at Hotel Vermont. We want you to be there, but if you can’t make it, we’ll still celebrate the work you’ve done. Perhaps, if you use Skype, you could join us by webcam!

If you have questions about Mud Season Review, contact the editors. They’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Good luck!