Hotel Vermont and the BWW Begin Joint Publishing Project

One of Hotel Vermont’s rooms. BWW member work will be published in small books, which means Vermont writers will find their work on bedside tables like this one.

Think about the last time you stayed at a hotel. Did you bring a book? If you did, was it written by a local author?

Writers and avid readers rarely go anywhere without something to read. For me, arriving at a hotel room and discovering I’ve forgotten to bring a book causes a special kind of anxiety. This will not be a problem if I ever stay at Hotel Vermont. Starting in 2014, Hotel Vermont will make sure that their guests will have something special to read. Something local.

The good folks at Hotel Vermont will publish new pieces of writing by members of the Burlington Writers Workshop on a quarterly basis. They’ll provide small books for each of their 125 rooms. Guests will be able to keep these little books and take your writing home with them.

”This opportunity to feature Vermont writers for all of our guests to read will help render a truly Vermont experience,” says Tori Carton, Hotel Vermont’s Marketing Coordinator. “The arts are an integral part of the Hotel Vermont experience and we hope that our partnership with Burlington Writers Workshop will continue to advance the arts in our community and give our guests a well-rounded and unique stay in Burlington.”

Hotel Vermont Lobby 1(1)
All these people in Hotel Vermont’s lobby are (we assume) talking about BWW member work.

In short, writers get a wider audience, and Hotel Vermont’s guests get a pleasurable reading experience. It’s a win-win. An ideal scenario: a literary agent or publisher happens to stay at Hotel Vermont and discovers a BWW writer’s immense talent and offers a book deal. Hey, we can dream, can’t we?

Work by Anne Averyt, Caitlin Corless, Tony Whedon, and Lizzy Fox will appear in the first edition, which is scheduled for publication in early 2014. These pieces originally appeared in The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2013. Future selections do not have to have been published in the Best of collection. In fact, I’ve seen lots of good work in the workshop that hasn’t found a home yet. This is another opportunity to make sure that your writing gets the audience it deserves.

So let’s extend a warm “thank you!” to Tori Carton and all the people at Hotel Vermont for supporting the arts.

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