A Leap into a Permanent Home

BWW headquarters, facing north. Lease begins January 1st.

You’ve heard this phrase before: “Leap and the net will appear.” I’ve taken a big leap on behalf of the Burlington Writers Workshop.

This afternoon, I wrote a big check for what will be a free writing center for all Vermonters.

Here’s my vision. This new space at Studio 266 (266 South Champlain Street in Burlington, across from Resource) will be an open, public gathering space for Vermont’s writing community. We’ll have regular hours (8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, ideally) and workshops whenever we want. I’ll find a mini-fridge and keep it stocked with sodas and put a K-cup machine in there, too. We’ll have a couch, a table, some chairs, a reading light, a small lending library. We’ll feature BWW member artwork on the walls.

When we’re not holding workshops, you can walk in and say to one of the writers there, “Hey, I want to submit this poem to a contest tomorrow. Can you give it one last look for me?”

You deserve a clean, well-lighted place to meet and talk about words and writing. This will be a great space for daytime workshops, which we’ve not been able to have because of a lack of space. Our evening workshops (four times weekly in January) will be held in a reliable space with no outside noise or interruptions.

I’ve taken this leap knowing that you will be my net. When you sign up for automatic contributions here, you’ll help reduce that monthly rent to $0.

So far, with monthly contributions by members, the rent has been reduced to $421.00.

Catch me at our donation page.

Why give? Because you want a public space where writers can learn about writing, interact/network with other writers, and enjoy an artistic/inspiring space that’s usually reserved for folks paying tuition or fees for courses.

I’m recommending that you set up monthly contributions of $20, but you can give whatever works for your budget.

Thanks very much for making this workshop the valuable resource that it is. The lease begins on January 1st. I hope you enjoy the space!

BWW Headquarters, facing south.