A Workshop for Songwriters

Gregory Rosewell, your host for the first BWW songwriting meeting.

Songwriters need feedback, too, so we’re organizing a workshop to give it to ’em.

Gregory Rosewell will host our first ever songwriting workshop on Thursday, November 21 at 6:30. It’s your time to rock out and hear some BWW-eque responses to your work.

We’ll meet at YWP headquarters at 12 North Street. Musicians and non-musicians are invited to participate. This workshop will share some similarities with our traditional workshops: two songwriters will upload their music to the “Files” section one week before the meeting. At the very least, songwriters will post the sheet music/lyrics/tablature of up to two songs. If possible, songwriters will also provide an .mp3 recording of each song.

At the workshop, the songwriter will perform the piece (if possible, since not all music is based on performance) and participants will listen and respond.

Because songwriters work together, and because Gregory was imagining a collaborative event, participants who are musicians may want to bring their instruments. Gregory stressed to me that he isn’t an expert at songwriting, just passionate about learning more about the artform. He’s looking forward to hearing your insights on his work and providing feedback for someone else.

To sign up for it, click here.