Some Notes on Digital Storytelling

Helen Labun Jordan shares her knowledge with the workshop.

And so the digital storytelling learning experience continues.

On Tuesday evening, Helen Labun Jordan from StoryhackVT brought her digital storytelling insights to the Burlington Writers Workshop. Some of the attendees had participated in StoryhackVT, while the majority of folks were new to the artform (and yes, it is an artform!).

Helen brought with her a tremendous amount of information, which you can find right here.

My takeaways were:

When telling a digital story, keep it simple. Something like Geoff Gevalt’s audio/photo combination on is enough to enhance the written story. It’s also possible to create a simple web template using or

Use digital media when it enhances the story, not just because you like using it. Some stories need digital media to make it better, such as this award-winning piece from The New York Times. Choose your media wisely.

Social media can be great storytelling tools. Witness this TED Talk on using Twitter to write fiction.

Our next step is to try out digital storytelling without the restraints of the StoryhackVT competition. We’ll be scheduling a workshop for early 2014 at which we’ll present our digital stories and provide critical artistic and technical responses to them.

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