Announcing New Digital Storytelling Workshops


Digital storytelling is becoming a thing. Did you know that? I didn’t. Then StoryhackVT came to town and showed me what an amazing thing it is. It’s hard to describe but easy to recognize, and certainly worth exploring, especially since writers today need some sort of digital presence.

The Burlington Writers Workshop will partner with the smart and capable folks behind StoryhackVT to offer digital storytelling workshops. It’s an effort to broaden our digital skills, generate story ideas that would work for digital media, and keep the fires burning until StoryhackVT 2014.

We’ve scheduled our first digital storytelling workshop for Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 at 6:30 at Young Writers Project Headquarters at 12 North Street in Burlington. At this first session, we’ll take a look at digital stories, and brainstorm ideas on specific tales we’d like to tell.

For the less-tech-inclined, we’ll have tech-savvy Vermonters on hand to help you design your story and connect you with resources for learning more – don’t let the technology learning curve hold you back from exploring all the ways you can design a story.

This will be the first of several workshops. We hope to inspire you to create a digitally compelling tale, which we can “workshop” at special digital storytelling workshops later on.

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know. Or just sign up here.