Meet the BWW Storyhackers

With less than a week to go before StoryhackVT begins, the Burlington Writers Workshop team is ready. Here, ladies and gentlemen, are the BWW Storyhackers!


John Carter is the President/Owner of Recruiting Communications, a digital media advertising agency that specializes in employment recruiting. He publishes several websites and served as Director of Digital Media for ACS/Xerox. John also produced the Next American Superstar and All American Superstar shows, with more than 1 million CDs sold. He’s the co-writer of “Tic Toc,” recorded by Wild Orchid on their Oxygen album (released by RCA in 1998). Fear this man’s superior digital storytelling skills.

Erin Post manages social media and helps create things like Vine videos. She’s produced videos about Bill and Lou (the oxen team at Green Mountain College), High Tunnel Greenhouse, and Ezra Pound’s daughter. Erin is prepared to deploy her Facebook and Twitter skills as needed for the October 19th event. If she can tame a bear, she can tell an awesome digital story.

Photo on 2013-10-12 at 15.12

Erika Nichols is the Development Associate at The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont by day and a writer by all other times. She writes poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction, and is currently working on a novel. Her work can be found on Runaway Parade, in the The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2013 and elsewhere. She also co-writes a blog called River Song Vagabonds. Poet, prose artist, now writing stories in 1s and 0s.

Paul Hobday. Digital stories pop out of his head like pop up ads when you forget to turn off your pop up blocker.Paul Hobday is a native Vermonter and an avid reader of all kinds of literature. As a kid he worked in farm industries, the excitement of writing stories had led him to more actively pursue his interest in the written word. Blogging, Twitter, and short form journalism of informational websites are his strengths. Paul writes short stories and has more digital storytelling ideas than Facebook has users. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but not by much.

And I’m Peter Biello, and I work at Vermont Public Radio, where I’m always recording and editing audio. My hope is that the BWW team will write a story that necessitates the use of Soundcloud or YouTube.

StoryhackVT is a storytelling contest, but it’s also a chance to put collaboration techniques into practice. We need to listen to each other and build on each other’s ideas, rather than push for our own idea’s adoption.

Synergy is a buzzword these days, the definition seems pertinent here: “The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

Together, we’ll create something great. In a sense, we do that every week at our workshops already!