Hack A Story!

storyhackvtLet’s assemble a team of tech-savvy writers for the first annual StoryhackVT.

We need a team of five writers who can write and produce a story on at least three digital media platforms in fewer than 24 hours. This will happen on Saturday, October 19th. Presentations happen the next day.

The organizers of StoryhackVT will give us a theme on the morning of October 19th. Then we’ll put our heads together to write a story on that theme and then tell that story across three or more media. According to their website, “Stories will be judged based on adherence to rules, creative use of media, compelling use of story elements, style, and engagement.”

What kind of media, you ask? StoryhackVT says: “Digital media can be picture galleries, video, animation, blogs, social media, games and more. It just has to be able to be shared and viewed on the Internet. The more creative you are, the more willing we are to let it slide.”

I will cover the $50 entry fee for the Burlington Writers Workshop team. If you want to be part of this team, tell me what digital media experience you have. Can you produce a video on short notice? Can you create an amazing blogpost? Are you a Twitter virtuoso? Are you something else I haven’t thought of? Let me know and I’ll choose a team! Send an email to: and tell me what you can do.

Registration opens on August 19th and the first 20 teams to sign up will participate.

Questions? See the StoryhackVT website. If all your questions aren’t answered there, let me know, and I’ll get some answers for you.

Happy hacking!